At Live Decent we love meeting, teaching & working with decent people. No matter where you are in your self-development journey we invite you to come learn, laugh & grow with us.

Vegan & Plant-Based Living

Learn how to make healthy eating convenient, cost effective and easy with our vegan cooking tutorials.


Did you know that eliminating animal products from your diet can significantly change your health for the better!? From weight loss, to relief from many ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes, a well rounded plant-based diet has been proven to be our best defense against illness and chronic disease. Countless studies have also found that reducing animal consumption will have dramatic positive impacts on our environment and climate stability.


If you need one on one help or you are hosting an event small or large, private or corporate we are happy to provide personalized classes at your location.

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Real Issues, Real People and Realistic Approaches to Real Life's Issues

Mental health is a taboo topic that few people are willing to talk about. Unfortunately, this may be a key cause to the failing systems and inner-workings of our society at large. Everyone is too afraid to say what they feel and to be honest with the not only the outside world but also with themselves about who they are, personal boundaries and how they are (or are not) coping with life.. in general.

This approach towards life, how we deal with ourselves and how we allow others to handle us is destroying our only chance at true happiness and enjoying what's real and true.


Many of our videos will have themes surrounding the importance of mental health, different perspectives to consider, recognizing your own part in the negativity in your life, solutions, herbs, rituals, practices and daily habits to break the cycle of mental breakdowns or to at least alleviate some of the stress, anxiety and depression that many of us feel and suffer with everyday. Too often we feel isolated and alone because we are too afraid or embarrassed to share what we are experiencing or don't believe anyone could understand or because we've been taught that being vulnerable is weak and we need to always remain strong. Never feel alone again and know you are likely NOT crazy or weak and I am positive you will find something on our platform to help you feel like you can keep getting to tomorrow even if you have to crawl there with a friend leading the way until you find the strength to walk on your own and lead someone else out from the darkness.

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Urban Oasis

& Ghetto Gardening

Here at Live Decent we are always advocating for sustainable living, building and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits & minimizing our carbon footprint by consuming less. Part of this mission is growing, preparing and preserving our own foods.

Many people living in urban environments with little to no land or living on low incomes believe this is not possible or have simply never imagined growing their own herbs and foods. We are here to show you the way.

No worries if you have a small apartment or a small budget (or even with no extra money), anyone can grow enough food to have a fresh salad a few days a week or fresh herbs for seasonings and medicinal purposes. There are many growing tips, ideas and projects that even the blackest thumb can do with success.

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D.I.Y. Home Repair

Tutorials & Project Ideas

Everyday house maintenance can seem daunting and hiring a handyman for every little malfunction can be quite expensive.


However, most basic repairs and projects around the home are pretty easy and inexpensive to tackle yourself all while still managing to keep your manicure in tact (sometimes).


Some topics and projects to watch for:

  • Tools that are a must to keep around the house

  • How to properly use common hand and power tools

  • Common home issues and how to fix them such as sealing drafty doors and windows, how to install a dishwasher or replacing a toilet wax ring

  • Making useful items and furniture from up-cycled materials and trash: raised bed pallet garden, tire chairs, greenhouses from windows and plastic and much more

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Sewing for Life

Having basic knowledge of using a sewing machine is essential to making quick repairs and alterations on everyday garments.


If you've ever had to take a skirt or slacks to the cleaners for a hem or to have a zipper repaired, you know how expensive these minor alterations can be.


Or maybe you've wanted to personalize your own living space with pillows, curtains or other fabrics, but can not afford or refuse to pay store prices.


If this sounds like you, grab your friends and let us plan a sewing with a twist party, at your location (you must provide your own machines or we can provide some for rent at your event).

Donation: $15-20 per person for a two hour class. Based on 5 students. Participants will learn the basics of using a sewing machine, basic stitch patterns and complete a project to take home.*

Contact us to schedule your event and be sure to check out our video tutorials on basic sewing machines and getting started plus easy low cost projects for beginners and children.

Community Events & Development

Live Decent often creates and participates in  local community development projects. In our latest outing we transformed an abandoned lot into a small community garden. 

For more information on upcoming events and how you can get involved, please follow us on Instagram & Facebook!

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