Satin Lined Wraps-Endless Possibilities

Make a bold fashion statement with my satin lined wraps that are not just for protecting your hair from drying and frizz during the day, but can be used as scarves, sarongs, shawls, tops and sashes! Dozens of ways to wrap your hair with links to video tutorials by my favorite YouTubers in the description of every pic. Be sure to check the SHOP weekly for new colors and patterns! Remember, LIVE FREE, LIVE WELL &


These uniquely designed reversible wrap skirts will never leave you guessing what to wear again. One garment can be worn dozens of ways as a skirt, a dress and a top!  It is also the PERFECT addition to any minimalist's wardrobe. Although it comes in multiple sizes, each skirt will accommodate multiple body shapes and sizes with each respective size capable of fitting a general range of about 4-6 sizes. Click on each picture for many ideas on how you can wear them and a link that will give you detailed directions on how to achieve the look for yourself.

Multi Way Wrap Skirts

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