Don't get caught out in #Corona without protection. Our masks are handmade and are constructed with 4 layers of protective fabrics to filter out pathogenic microns and yet allow for maximum airflow for breathing. Several studies have been conducted on which fabrics filter the best and Batiks and Quilters Cotton were among the top filtration while still allowing breathability. Shop Towels also tested better than surgical grade fabric which we also offer as a layer for maximum filtration. I am constantly researching and following up on the latest news about the best materials because your health and safety are my top priorities when creating these essential necessities. You can be safe AND be fashionable. Remember Live Happy, Live Free, Live Decent.


Fits most children ages 5 and up.


We recommend washing in hot or warm water and air drying or machine dry on low to no heat to protect the integrity of the filtering cabalities of the fabric layers. Steaming is fine. DO NOT DRY ON HIGH HEAT as this will degrade the fabrics ability to filter and render your mask less and less effective. Masks are reusable and with proper care should last several weeks or months depending on how often they are washed. We recommend replacing your masks at least once every 6 months to 1 year with casual use (only wearing 1-3 times per week). Once every 3 months with regular use/washing (if you are required to wear a mask every day you should wash each day and replace after 3 months or begin using a disposable filter with them). Regardless of use everyone should be washing their masks after EVERY DAY of wear!

*These claims have not been proven or approved by the FDA or CDC or any other organization and are based soley on individual research pertaining to the types of fabrics used and the construction of the masks using multiple ply and types of fabrics and the level of microns able to be filtered by each type of material used. Additionally these masks and claims are not designed to diagnose, treat or prevent any known illness. If you think you may be sick please seek medical attention or advise immediately.

African Print Adult Mask