Whether you are new to gardening or a seasoned veteran; have a tiny patio or a large grow space, you can grow your own delicious organic fruits and veggies with these seed packs. Only strange and rare varieties mostly heirloom and organic GMO free seeds. Grow your own food without spending a fortune on seeds that come with way more seeds than the average gardener can use. Don't keep wasting your money. Experience new foods at an affordable price.

Nutritious Kit- 10 packs of assorted herbs, greens and veggies such as: lettuce, spinach, cabbage, kale, beans, etc. This option is best for someone with a small raised garden box or back yard. Also comes with garden gloves & a seed organizer/ garden planner.

Everything Kit- 20 packs of assorted herbs, greens, tomatoes, hot & sweet peppers, spinach, herbs etc, Choose this option if you have plenty of grow space and would like to have a taste vacation right from your own backyard with lots of new and interesting fruits and veggies to explore. Comes in a decorative box with bonus garden gloves, garden planner, tips & tricks for having the best food garden in your neighborhood. 
Some examples of seeds we have available are:
White cucumbers, Green Tomatoes, White Tomatoes, Mini White Currant Tomatoes, Black Carrots, Yellow Carrots, Rainbow Beets, Lettuce Leaf Basil, Blue Spice Basil, Lavender, Red Asparagus Beans, Gourmet Lettuce, Green Eggplant, Long Eggplant, Paprika Pepper, Arroz Con Pollo Pepper, Horehound, Lion's Ear, Lemon Balm & many more.

Garden Kits