These soy based cnadles are not simply home fragrance decor. Light it and wait a few minutes for it to melt into the most luxurious self warming body/massage oil you have ever had the pleasure of rubbing onto your skin! Burns and melts at a low temperature so as not to burn your skin. Simply dip your fingers in the melted oil or pour directly onto skin being sure to hold at least 6 inches awaywhile pouring. Use as massage oil or light right before you get into the bath or shower for a soothing warm body oilespecially on those cold winter days! Once you try it you will never want to do without it again.

Comes in 3 fantastic scents (you can choose unscented as well): Trillionaire- unisex, light sharp, oriental, woody fragrance, warm fresh mint, lavender, orange blossom and woods (BEST SELLER), Pink Lavender- relaxing and mild lavender combined with a bit of powdery fresh scent and white ginger (UNWIND & RELAX will help soothe cranky children to sleep also) & Triple Chocolate Fix- for serious chocolate lovers only! This is a true chocolate scent that will have you searching for brownies. 4 oz. Renewable wax that will not evaporate while burning just let whatever you don't pour out resolidify and use over and over again for weeks or even months depending on frequency of use!

Massage Candle