With food shortages, long lines at the market and high prices for healthy options, try your hands at growing your own organic herbs and produce. These seed packs are heirloom rare seeds and have been packaged according to what the average home gardener can use. Most seed packs come with hundreds of seeds and most home garderners do have the space to grow 200 carrots let alone 200 of each thing they want to grow. This causes waste of seeds and money as most seeds are only viable for that season or possibly 2 years so if you can't use them you lose them. Our first year seed packs are $1 and have a more realistic amount of seeds and our 2nd year packs (left over from last season) are $0.50 and may have a lower germination rate but should still give you a plentiful harvest. Many options to choose from... HAPPY PLANTING!

Organic Seeds (Lettuce, Kale & Cabbage))