These delightful scrubs are all wonderful body polishers. By using any of my limited edition recipes you will experience deep exfoliation of dry and dead skin cells, smoothing of calluses, remediation of ingrown hairs and other dry conditions of the skin. You can use on wet skin all over your body and will double as a light moisturizer. Each edition includes varying combinations of fine salts such as Dead Sea and Pink Himilayan salts, occassionally pure turbinado sugar, volcanic pumice, various clays, seaweed powder, fruit powders and an array of luxurious raw butters and oils such as shea, mango and peach kernel oil. Each scrub features fine grit for sensitive skin, excellent for softening hair bumps and white heads and to soften skin in general or coarse for extremely dry; rough skin or for those who just like a rough scrub. Use all over your body in the shower for an extra soft feel. Works best if followed by any of our moisturizers. Several varieties available. Choose one or choose them all for a bundle deal. 6oz


•Pineapple Swirl- w/ added pineapple powder for exfoliationg and removing dry skin cells and is an excellent toner (perfect for facial scrub)

•Coffee Butter- soothing hydration and great at masking foul odors on the skin such as fish, onions etc. Protects and hydrates especially for skin constantly getting wet from washing or due to occupation such as nurses, day care workers, fishermen etc.

•Pink Silk- w/silk peptide (vegan) for an extra soft, silk like feel to the skin with deeply penetrating moisture. Has an almost magical ability to hold moisture in the skin and releases it as necessary based on the temperature and humidity.

•Meet Me At The Beach- comes with a decorative sea shell scoop which can also double as an incense/herb burner. Made w/ sea clay, seaweed powder and Dead Sea salt this scrub will give you a mild hint of ocean water. This scrub may be my best creation yet!! RICH in hard to find nutrients and vitamins which penetrate deeply alleviating chapped, irritated skin, all while drawing out impurities and leaves the skin with a healthy, revitalized glow. Comes in Vanilla Waves and Tropical Breeze which has notes of watermelon, coconut and cucumber like a poolside cocktail.

Polishing Scrub

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  • Dry skin scrub designed to strengthen skin and reduce aging and wrinkles. Ingredients: Salt, Natural Sugar, Rosehip Powder, Sunflower Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Shea Butter and Lemon Peel