This wonderfully rich moisturizer is for very dry skin or skin that requires repeat moisturizing throughout the day. A small amount is needed and NO NEED to reapply for at least 24 hrs (or until your next shower). Hand blended and whipped in small batches using the highest quality ingredients fairly traded and sourced from around the world. Our formulas may change from season to season so if you have a favorite be sure to stock up while supplies last. 4 oz *Conatins soy

Contains: Shea butter, apricot oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, soy wax, sunflower oil & fragrances*

*Free of sulfates & alcohol

Whipped Body Butter Swirl

  • Ingredients: Soy wax, Oat Butter, Arnica Butter, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Argan Oil & fragrance

    Size: 8 oz

    Uses & Knowledge: Arnica Butter is traditionally used for soothing tired muscles, reducing inflammation and bruising associated with sprains, pulled muscles & arthritis

    Oat Butter is great for dry flaky skin and excellent for babies.

    Soy Wax is used in most of our products as a thickener and is derived from the vegetable oil produced from soy beans. It is a great thickener and also helps bind other ingredients together.

    Sunflower Oil is easily absorbed through the skin barrier literally preventing dryness and skin ailments from the outside in. It is known to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process for sores and wounds.

    Safflower Oil is light and very easily absorbed making it a great moisturizer without a heavy 'greasy' feeling left on the skin.

    Argan Oil is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants making it perfect for healing, anti aging and nourishing the skin.