With so many fragrances to choose from and no way to scratch and sniff the screen we know it can be frustrating trying to choose which scents to order. With our new sample pack option you can choose 5 fragrances to sample by writing which scents you want in the comments or if you don't let us know we will choose 4 scents for you. You can wear the ones you like as perfume/cologne or you can pour into a diffuser to fragrance your home. Now, the next time you order you can know which scent you want us to mix into your body butter, spray, incense or any of our other many products. Also if this is the only thing you are ordering you can enjoy free shipping by entering promo code: samplesonly upon checkout.  **If you do not enter this code we can not manually refund your shipping once your order is placed. There are no returns on this product.

Sample Scents